٭ Orion Virtual Air Lines ٭ Since 1968 ٭

Welcome on board!

9. December, 1981
The original URL of the page is: http://fotopalyazat.kerozingozos.hu/

Check in please!

Flown flights: 596
Full flown time: 1041:02

An imaginary story that begins 40 years ago will bring us back to Orion Virtual Air Lines exactly 40 years. Ladies and gentlemen’s please take your seats, buckle up, make sure that your table and seat is in the upright position, we will be taking off shortly.

What is this whole thing? Well, Orion VA was formed for the flight simulator enthusiast who enjoys the old environments and planes so they can fell as if the time would have stopped sometime in 1968.

Flights are done only on IVAO network (International Virtual Aviation Organization). Our fleet contains planes that are only 2 years old and some more then 30 years old, of course according to the contemporary chronology. We try to simulate the reality as much as possible, of course 40 years ago, for example we use the same navigation technology that they used back then.

If you want to join us please read the construction and the rules of the VA first, once you decided that you want to join us and agree to all the rules you can send your request here.