٭ Orion Virtual Air Lines ٭ Since 1968 ٭

Our Company

30. July, 1981
The original URL of the page is: http://fotopalyazat.kerozingozos.hu/company/

The Orion VA was formed for pilots who enjoy the older planes and the more realistic navigations. The goal was to form a group of peoples who can enjoy the adventures of the past in flying.

Our airline rests on fictitious foundations, back in that time there where no other airline then the Malev and there where no modern planes from the west.

The simulation of flying gives the privilege to recreate the 60s and 70s the way we wan’ it.

Our hangar is very strict and based on the BOAC family, but of course we have some other planes too. We also have some small planes too like a single prop or a single jet aircraft. The main concept is to have only a few of them in some case is only one.

If you haven’t guest it yet, our airline is all about recreating the past so we are exactly the same date minus 40 years. An example if today is December 12, 2008 then the VA is in December 12, 1968. You have to keep in mind the current date when creating a flight according to the weather for the appropriate date. When you set your FS you leave it to the current date you don’t set the time back to -40years. Accept when we have special flight specifying that you must set the time back.